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A Bride's Interview with Christina Webb.
(Please read this interview before hiring Asta Wedding Planning)

have been helping brides direct their weddings since 2003. I became a wedding planner because more and more brides were asking if I could help them with organizing their wedding ceremony. I originally started out being a wedding videographer in 1999. As brides came to me to videotape their wedding their concerns were, would their wedding video look good? I stated "of course" and showed them how we video tape and showed them samples. By seeing actual weddings got ideas for their own wedding and asked me to be their director.

Becoming a Wedding Director was NOT that I woke up one morning and said "oh, I think I want to be a wedding planner." Absolutely not. I started directing weddings because brides were asking for my help. I had already had years of experience watching (working with) 20 wedding directors each year at wedding rehearsals I attended as a videographer. I also brought to the table my skills as an organizer, secretary, leader, and office manager, which were the exact skills a wedding director needs.
I think what sets me apart from all the other wedding planners in the area is that I specialize in the little details. I pride myself on getting all the little things right with you, in finding out who is in your wedding party, who are the important people at your wedding and making this about family, friends and community.

Having been the videographer, I plan with the photographer and videographer in mind.

AND…. I do not have a “day job” This IS my job. So you are calling me at work. And can reach me during business hours. I also can get back with you in a timely manner and since Asta Wedding Planning only works with a limited number of brides each year, you are always a priority to us.
I offer 3 packages. I feel these three packages will meet your unique needs. This way if you need a lot of help or just a little, you can get exactly what you need. And there is the in-between-type where the bride needs some help some planning assistance but can do much of it herself. I also offer a few à la carte services and I have items that can be rented.
I work best with the brides in the New River Valley, Roanoke Valley and Wytheville area, who really would like to enjoy their wedding day without having to put forth a tremendous amount of planning, preparing or organizing herself.
Absolutely not. I am technically not planning your wedding for you. You are telling me what your plans and desires are, what you would like to happen. You are telling me all your hopes and dreams and wishes and wants. Together we are finding a way to accomplish that. I am simply following your plan and organizing it in ways that you are unable to do. Whether you are working full time, a full-time student, or a combination of the two. You do not have enough hours in the day to research and do everything that I already know. I will be more than happy to make phone calls for you to vendors, guests, family members and to work things out for you but in no way will you lose control.
No. We do not direct more than one wedding a day, so we can concentrate our skills on your wedding.
Yes, I will be happy to work with vendors that you have already found. Please provide me their name, phone number and email address.
According to professionals in the wedding industry, it takes a bride about 300 hours to plan her own wedding. From all the vendors, deciding on the dress, the invitations, the colors and decorations. Three Hundred Hours means seven and ½ weeks of working 40 hours a week. YIKES! That’s about 2 months of constant planning. Can you take the necessary energy and time and still work a full time job (or be a full time student?) How could you possibly focus on anything else or have a life, with all your time and energy focused on planning? And it’s not only that, I have had clients tell me that I have saved them time, energy and money, while staying focused on their wedding planning.

I have one bride who agreed to come in to talk to me but the whole time saying "I can't afford you, I can't afford you." When the meeting was done she said "I can't afford not to hire you." I could save her a substantial amount of time, effort and funds for her wedding. We stayed focused about what was important and what wasn’t.

I have had brides who chose not to hire me. I realize I may not be the right fit for you. They felt they could handle everything themselves and when I happened to see them 6 months after the ceremony they blurted out "I wish I had hired you! I'm kicking myself because I cannot believe I didn't hire you!" Many of them admit they paid double their budget because they did not know what they were doing and made costly mistakes.

In reality I am not expensive, I am an investment in making sure that your wedding day goes well, so you can enjoy the day, make the memories, have fun at your wedding, and worry about nothing.
The next step is for you to e-mail me and set up an appointment to meet or talk on the phone. I want to hear what you envision for your wedding day. I will be happy to take you through our packages to see which one makes the most sense for your wedding and to describe our process in more detail.
A signed contract and a retainer paid at that time will secure your date.
Yes. We accept Visa and Master Card.

What also makes us different from others is that we can setup automatic payments so that you never have to worry about sending checks, and you don’t have to remember to make a payment.
You can contact me by email at info@AstaWeddingPlanning.com, or you can call me at my office 540–381–2294.

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