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We are the “Double U”tm in Weddings

Before meeting with /or calling Asta Wedding Planning, we ask that you read all of the below information. This will help us both focus on you talking about  you, your fiancé, your wedding and family.  If you have all the below information ahead of time, you will know what we have to offer and you can tell us what you need. 


How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become a wedding planner?

I have been helping brides since 2003, because more and more brides were asking if I could help them direct their wedding. I was a videographer at the time and there were no professional wedding planners in the area.   When I decided to become a wedding director, it was not that I woke up one day and said “oh, this looks like fun, I think I want to be a wedding planner.” Absolutely not.  I started directing weddings because brides were asking for my help. I had already had years of experience  working with  20 wedding directors each year at wedding rehearsals I attended as a videographer.  I am a business owner and had many of the necessary skills to be a good coordinator.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Tech.  I also have taken courses in Event Planning and an apprenticeship with an established and successful wedding planner  in 2015, in another state.  I learned directly from other business owners and established wedding planners. 

Can you tell me what sets you apart from other wedding planners?

I think what sets me apart from all the other wedding planners in the area is that I specialize in the little details. I pride myself on getting all the little things right with you and asking you about things you may not even realize you forgot!  Also, I see things with a totally DIFFERENT view than any other wedding planner.  Because I have been the videographer, I plan with the photographer and videographer in mind.  AND… I do not have a “day job” This IS my day job. So you are calling me at work. You can reach me during business hours. I also can get back with you in a timely manner and since Asta Wedding Planning only works with a limited number of brides each year, you are always a priority to us.  Another item that sets me apart is that I bring a PA system with me to the rehearsal so that I can be heard. The minister is also given a wireless microphone. If you need amplification for the ceremony there is a small charge. See each package description at the bottom.

How many packages do you offer?

I offer 4 packages and can also custom design your special package. I feel the packages will meet your unique needs. This way if you need a lot of help or just a little, you can get exactly what you need. Also, you can choose to tell me what you need help with exactly and I can custom design a package just for you.  I also offer a few à la carte services. 

Who do you work best with?

I work best with couples who are having their wedding in Southwest Virginia, who really would like to enjoy their wedding day and know that someone is in charge of their plans. {I also work best with brides who really want me to be their wedding planner knowing I am there for them and work my best at caring about their wedding and executing their special requests for their ceremony and reception.}

Will I lose control of my own wedding if you are planning it for me?

Absolutely not. I am technically not planning your wedding for you. You are telling me what your plans and desires are, what you would like to happen. You are telling me all your hopes and dreams and wishes and wants. Together we are finding a way to accomplish that. I am simply following your plans and organizing it in ways that you are unable to do. Whether you are working full time, a full-time student, or a combination of the  two, you do not have enough hours in the day to research and do everything that I already know. I will be more than happy to make phone calls for you to vendors, guests, family members and to work things out for you but in no way will you lose control.

Do you take more than one wedding per day?

No, we focus all of our attention on your day.

Will you work with vendors I have already found?

Yes, I will be happy to work with vendors that you have already found. Please provide their information to me.

Why do you offer such little consultation time? Other wedding directors offer more time, and even Unlimited Time. Why don’t you?

Bride’s have asked my why my packages include so “little” consultation time. In reality, through past experience and my apprenticeship with another wedding director, we discovered that brides usually used 7 hours or less.   So if  I can keep you focused to come prepared to meetings, we can accomplish a lot. For those wedding directors who offer “unlimited time” then brides tend not to be prepared at each meeting.  There is much to do and little time to get it all done.  ~  We also think it is unfair that one bride might need 30 hours and another 9 hours, yet they pay the same for the package. Also, offering unlimited time is impossible. They might offer, as much time as you need for this package.  Our package #1 is for as much time as you need to assist you getting your fabulous wedding completed.

This all sounds so wonderful. But it also seems expensive. Are we going to be able to afford all this?

According to professionals in the wedding industry, it takes a bride about 300 hours to plan her own wedding. From all the vendors, deciding on the dress, the invitations, the colors and decorations. Three Hundred Hours means seven and ½ weeks of working 40 hours a week.  YIKES!  That’s about 2 months of constant planning. Can you take the necessary energy and time and still work a full time job (or be a full time student?) How could you possibly focus on anything else or have a life, with all your time and energy focused on planning?  And it’s not only that, I have had clients tell me that I have saved them time, energy and money, while staying focused on their wedding planning. 

I had one bride who agreed to come in to talk to me but the whole time saying “I can’t afford you, I can’t afford you.”  When the meeting was done she said “I can’t afford not to hire you.” I could save her a substantial amount of time, effort and funds for her wedding.  We stayed focused about what was important and what wasn’t.  She hired me at the end of that meeting.   
I have had brides who chose not to hire me. I realize I may not be the right fit for you.  They felt they could handle everything themselves and when I happened to see them 6 months after the ceremony they blurted out “I wish I had hired you! I’m kicking myself because I cannot believe I didn’t hire you!”   Many of them admit they paid nearly double their budget because they did not know what they were doing and made costly mistakes.(she went with costly flowers, unneeded aisle runner and many other items bought and never used.)   In reality I am not expensive, I am an investment in making sure that your wedding day goes well, so you can enjoy the day, make the memories, have fun at your wedding, and worry about nothing.

And… the best of all, I have 21 years experience in the wedding industry. My knowledge is given to you, just ask and I will give you the information from my past experiences and education of being an Event Planner.  — I just saved a bride $250 for her wedding as she didn’t realize something and when I explained why she didn’t need to spend the money, she realized I was right. 

This sounds like exactly what we’ve been looking for. What happens next so we can start the wedding planning process?

If you ready you can book me. If you have questions, please call.  We can set up an appointment to meet and greet. This way we can get to know one another.

How do I go about booking you?

A signed contract and the retainer paid at that time will secure your date.  Above, click on the link “Book Us” and you will be taken to a page to fill out a contract. Please sign sign the contract and mail it in the US mail, or bring it in to our office with your monetary retainer. (If you would, please print out 2 contracts and sign both and mail in both. Then we will sign one and mail it back to you. So we each have a signed contract). 

Do you take credit cards and do you have a payment plan?

Yes. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover Card.  We can bill you through Pay Pal as well. 
What also makes us different from others is that we can also setup automatic credit card payments so that you never have to worry about sending checks, and you don’t have to remember to make a payment. Please remember we are licensed and insured. 

Why do you want two signed copies of the Contract. Why can’t I just scan it in and send you that with an e-mail attachment?

Basically the end reason is our insurance coverage. We need an actual signature not a photo copy/scanned signature, which is in reality a picture. We need your original signature so that our insurance company will cover us.  We ask that you print out 2 copies of the contract and sign both. Mail both of them to us. We will then sign one of them and mail it back to you as your legal signed copies of the contract. If you are still confused please contact us.

We have more questions, how do we contact you?

You can contact me by email at info@astaweddingplanning.com, or you can call me at my office 540 – 381 – 2294.

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