First Post as Wedding Planner

JUNE 20TH, 2017
I never imagined I’d start a blog, but  with things going on and I’ve been asked so many questions about being a wedding planner I thought I’d start one.  

Firstly, I often attend weddings in another aspect. Not as the wedding director, but as a DJ or videographer. I had my own videography company for 10 years, but more and more brides wanted me to direct, rather than get videography. Of course they regretted not having a video afterwards.

Secondly, I see that so many brides don’t have a wedding planner and their wedding is disorganized. I plan with the guests and Photographer/ Videographer in mind. I am very respectful of the guests who want to see what is going on and who have  traveled so far to be a part of the day. I also direct so that the photographer gets great shots and the videographer has a line of site to get the whole ceremony.
During the past 2 years, as I go out with our teams to weddings {we do videography and music (DJ) also at our company} and we were not hired to be the wedding planner, I sometimes have to bite my lip and not look, when watching a wedding rehearsal.  So much goes wrong. So much could look more elegant. Look more polished and *smart*. You know that extra little something that makes the guests go “wow.”

​What’s the key to a dream wedding? A perfect rehearsal? Well the actual key and secret to this is… Pre-planning.  I see so much planning still going on at rehearsals. I see so many people not knowing what to do.  Sometimes, there is really no one in charge as the bride was the planner and she put someone out there with her notes that isn’t familiar with how to direct a wedding.  They start the rehearsal at the beginning of the ceremony. — Uhm, nope. Always start a rehearsal at the part where the minister welcomes the bride at the front. Her father (someone) has just walked her up to the groom. Start there. Let the minister do the rehearsal twice, then he/ she can go.  Then do the beginning and just the end. Twice. You are Done.  But what else can you do to make it look more elegant. People traveled far to get to your wedding. Are you going to be able to wow them?  Do you want to? How do you make it better?   

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