Picture Perfect Wedding

Well I suspect to make your wedding picture perfect is to have vendors that know what they are doing. I once went to a wedding reception (as the videographer) and got the shock of our lives! {We get permission from the DJ, to plug into an output from his sound board to get great sound on the video, especially the speeches, announcements and special music for highlight events}. When we arrived the music was so loud that we could not talk without shouting. Seriously!  We were shouting to ask the DJ if we could plug into a 1/4″ plug, the head phone out, etc.  But we could hardly hear his reply. He barely heard and understood us!  — The guests were arriving and the DJ was playing Pop Music from that year (early 2000’s) and the sound level (between a 1 and 10) and should be a 3 when guests are first arriving   [and the music slowly gets louder over the course of the evening. (When it’s time to dance)].  The music was at 9 1/2.  All through Dinner we were shouting at anyone we needed to talk to. I suggested politely to the DJ that they bring the music down a little so guests could talk during dinner. The DJ replied “No, the groom said to keep the music really loud.”   The DJ kept the music at this ear deafening level until the grandfather of the bride, went up and took a hold of every one of the mixing pots and turned them down to 1. Then he shouted at the DJ “I told you we are old, not deaf! I can’t talk to my wife and my friends can’t talk to each other.  Keep the levels down!!!!” — Of course everyone was taken aback, but then some laughter started and more guests were laughing. Then the applause started.  The DJ was from Richmond. I don’t think he was a family friend. (Back in 2001 – 2012 there were only 7  Professional DJs that worked weddings in this area), so I think they hired out of the local area when they couldn’t find someone. This guy was most likely a great, wonderful club DJ, but he took part in ruining the wedding reception. 
So part of making your own wedding Perfect (not just picture perfect, but SOUND perfect too)  is by hiring the right vendor, who knows what he is doing.    Who actually can do what you are hiring them for.  I plan to start a thread about good weddings that went bad because of vendors who really didn’t know what they were doing. (I have some of it on video! However I will  not show it and embarrass anyone.)

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